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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Costume Wings & Wands

    Adult Bloodnight Wings
    Online Only
    Elena of Avalor Light Up Scepter - Disney
    Celestial Witch Crystal Wand
    3 ft Black Feather Wings
    Online Only
    White Velvet Angel Wings
    Kids Twilight Witch Wand
    Mermaid Trident
    Kids Pastel Fairy Wings
    Bumble Bee Wing and Headband Set
    Kids Vampire Bat Wings
    Online Only
    Kids Owl Bopper and Wand
    Kids Bee Owl Bopper and Wand
    Online Only
    Blue Butterfly Wings
    Black Velvet Angel Wings
    Kids Unicorn Wings
    Dark Mermaid Trident
    Spell Wand - Harry Potter
    Light-Up Gold Lamp
    Tinker Bell Wand

    Get ready to grant wishes and cast spells when you use one of our magic wands this Halloween! Some costumes need the perfect finishing touch, and this is right where you’ll find them for all you witches, wizards and fairies. Utter your favorite spell and brandish your witch wand or official Harry Potter spell wand to let everyone know it’s about to come true. Practice saying those spells and you’ll be ready o unleash them!

    We also have a wide range of costume wings that will look perfect as you soar through town trick-or-treating. If you’re ready to be a true angel, you know you’ll need a pair of graceful wings to make your Halloween costume utterly perfect. From unicorn wings to bat wings to butterfly wings and beyond, your costume will fly right to the top of the best dressed list.

    These are part of our wide range of exciting accessories for every Halloween outfit!