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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Halloween Face Paint

    White Liquid Makeup
    Black Body Crayon
    Black Liquid Makeup
    Red Liquid Makeup
    Makeup Sponges - 8 Pack
    White Body Crayon
    Purple Water Activated Makeup
    Dark Skin Tone Water Activated Makeup
    Medium Skin Tone Water Activated Makeup
    Dead Gray Water Activated Makeup
    White Water Activated Makeup
    Black Water Activated Makeup
    Online Only
    Hot Pink Water Activated Makeup
    Online Only
    Red Water Activated Makeup
    Online Only

    Perfect your costume with some exciting Halloween face paint. Whether you want to turn yourself into the perfect scary horror creature or your favorite crayon color, we’ve got you covered. From glow in the dark cream makeup to glitter crayons and liquid makeup, this is your one-stop source for any color face paint you’d like. We even have sponges to help you clean it off. Practice your Halloween face paint before October 31 to make sure you know how to get exactly the look you want. Then, on the big night, put on your costume and paint yourself to match.

    These are part of our wide range of Halloween accessories to get you looking picture perfect.