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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Clown Masks

    Laughing Jack Full Mask
    Broken Clown Half Mask
    Killer Clown Half Mask
    Nighty Night Full Mask
    Pennywise the Clown Full Mask - It
    Creepy Clown Half Mask
    Online Only
    Horror Clown Full Mask
    Online Only
    Clown Doll Half Mask
    Online Only
    Peeled Clown Full Mask
    Scary Clown Costume Kit
    Laughing EL Wire Riot Clown Half Mask
    Foam Dark Clown Half Mask

    Clown Masks

    Come one, come all, to the creepiest clown mask selection ever! Yes, we’ve upped the ante this year and have brand new scary clown masks to make sure your ghoulish costume is totally over-the-top. We’ve got it all from evil clowns to blood-covered jesters! Our clown masks are terrifyingly terrific for causing a scare at the twisted circus! These clown masks feature creepy makeup detail, sharp and decaying teeth, grimacing grins and so much more! We dare you to find someone who’s not totally terrorized by our Laughing Wire Riot Clown Mask with its totally disturbing grin. Or put on our Peeled Clown Mask by Tate Steinsiek that, true to its name, will make you look like your face is peeling off! You can’t beat that for terrorizing anyone who gets a peek at you. If you’re looking for scary clown masks that will bring scare everyone at the party, SpiritHalloween.com is the perfect place!

    They’re part of our wide selection of Halloween masks that let you disguise yourself as part of your costume!