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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Masquerade & Mardi Gras Masks

    Kids Glitter Batgirl Half Mask – DC Comics
    Venetian Half Mask
    White Lace Half Mask
    Online Only
    Peacock Lace Half Mask
    Online Only
    Ribbon Rhinestone Half Mask
    Online Only
    Black Crow Half Mask Deluxe
    Rainbow Sequin Eyemask
    Black and Gold Feather Half Mask
    Pink and Gold Venetian Half Mask
    White Satin Feather Eyemask
    Intricate Black Glitter Eye Mask

    Masquerade Masks

    Disguise yourself in the most glamorous way with one of our masquerade masks! These masks cover your face and add the perfect touch to any Halloween or Mardi Gras outfit. Our masquerade masks for men let you turn yourself into a phantom, a black bat, a bunny or any other man of mystery. Our masquerade masks, which can also function as Mardi Gras masks, are easy to use and help you add an air of mystery to your costume or outfit. Some of our masquerade masks have glitter and lace, some have sequins, and some have ribbons hanging off of them for even more extravagance. We even have masquerade masks for kids so they can surprise their friends. They’re part of our wide range of accessories to make your Halloween spectacular!