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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Funko Dorbz

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    Funko Dorbz

    Sure, we all know and love our Funko Pop figures—but your vinyl collection is about to get even cuter when you shop our selection of Funko Dorbz figures! Much like their Pop counterparts, Dorbz are vinyl figures of your favorite pop culture characters. What makes them unique, however, is their smaller, more adorable style that will make you go “aww!” just by looking at them! These Funko figures have wonderful little smiles that truly just melt your heart, so you’ll love placing these cute little Funko figures on your desk, display shelf, or any surface where they can rest and be appreciated. And if you’re looking for the perfect, unique gift, these Funko figures also make for wonderful gifts for the collectors and obsessed fans in your life!   

    Is it any wonder why these adorable figures have already stolen our hearts? If you’re looking for something unique and adorable to add to your ever-growing collection, then you can go wrong with shopping Funko Dorbz from Spirit Halloween—especially because we have all of your favorite characters! From Nightmare Before Christmas and Harry Potter to Stranger Things and your favorite horror movies, our selection of Dorbz figures will have almost any of our fellow fans or collectors excited to shop. And with so many characters to choose from, we know you’ll find one you’ll love in absolutely no time at all. So, what are you waiting for?! Shop Dorbz figures at Spirit Halloween, and your next favorite collectible could only be a few clicks away!