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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Hocus Pocus Decorations

    Sanderson Sisters Funko Pop! Movie Moment - Hocus Pocus
    Hocus Pocus Pop Figures - 3 Pack

    Hocus Pocus Home Decor

    You won’t need to light the Black Flame candle to create some magic this Halloween, because you’ll be able to find all the magic you need right here at Spirit Halloween! Spirit offers an amazing selection of Hocus Pocus decorations, from Sanderson sister pillows to stemless glasses and kitchen accessories. You can host a witchy-themed dinner, complete with Hocus Pocus glasses and placemats, and you’ll have your guests under a spell before you’ve even served the food. Or have everyone cuddle up with a Sanderson sister blanket and host a movie night in the living room—and yes, you’re obviously showing Hocus Pocus! Our exclusive line of Hocus Pocus home decor is sure to excite fans of all ages, especially because you can’t get it anywhere else. So, if you’re convinced that you probably could have been the fourth Sanderson sister (or if you just want to have some witchy fun this Halloween), then you better make sure to shop Hocus Pocus Halloween decorations right here at Spirit Halloween. And while you’re here, why not check out or amazing Hocus Pocus costumes as well? You better hurry, before they fly off into the night with the rest of our amazing Halloween costumes!