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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Tombstones & Fences

    17 Inch Large Zombie Hand Lawn Stakes
    24 Inch Fogging Mummy - Decorations
    3 Ft Black Collapsible Coffin - Decorations
    Online Only
    3 Ft. Spider Fence Decoration
    3 Ft Dark Gray Collapsible Coffin - Decorations
    Online Only
    16 Inch Tomb Sweet Tomb Tombstone - Decorations
    18 Inch Rose Coffin
    Wooden-Effect Butch Carson Tombstone

    Make your lawn into the perfect home for the dead with these Halloween tombstones! Let your guests discover your personal graveyard when they encounter a Tomb Sweet Tome tombstone or a bronze RIP tombstone. They’ll wonder what else you’re hiding in your twisted lair! Or make it look like the dead are rising up from their graves with a light-up glowing corpse skeleton prop. You’ll know when they’ve found it by the loud screams resounding around the neighborhood. Fence decorations, zombie hand lawn stakes, fake coffins and more to add some death to your Halloween display is right here in our Halloween tombstone section. From collapsible coffins to a fogging mummy, you’ll be presiding over the perfect scary cemetery in no time.

    These are part of our wide range of Halloween decorations to add the perfect spooky touch.