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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Baby, Infant & Newborn Halloween Costumes for 2020

    Baby Cuddly Bear Costume
    Infant Baby Shark Costume With Sound Chip
    Baby Ghostbusters One Piece Costume – Ghostbusters
    Baby Woody Coveralls - Toy Story
    Baby Jessie Costume - Toy Story
    Baby Pirate Costume
    Baby Buzz Lightyear Coveralls - Toy Story
    Baby Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Costume
    Baby Faux Fur Swan Costume
    Baby Plush Avocado Costume
    Baby Tiger Costume
    Baby Lion Cub Costume
    Baby Mermaid Costume
    Baby Monkey Costume
    Infant Simba Costume - The Lion King
    Online Only
    Baby Plush Dinosaur Costume
    Infant Nala Costume - The Lion King
    Online Only

    Baby Halloween Costume Ideas for 2020

    Halloween will be here before you know it. Make sure your baby is ready in their first Halloween costume! What better place to shop for your baby’s first Halloween costume than Spirit Halloween? We have tons of baby Halloween costume ideas for 2020, featuring popular children’s characters like Horton Hears a Who, Batman, Woody, and Cinderella. Whether you want to dress your baby as their favorite cartoon character that they love watching every morning or as one of those super cute animals they always see outside, you can find all of the best costumes for 2020 right here!

    Baby Animal Costumes

    Monkeys, and tigers, and elephants. Oh my! Let your little one run rampant like an unleashed zoo animal! Watch them trick or treat on their own or attend a Halloween party as a bunch of wild animals. Not interested in dressing them like a real animal? Go for something more magical like a dinosaur or dragon! Unicorn costumes will also be pretty popular in 2020!

    Baby Sesame Street Costumes

    Your baby may not be able to tell you how to get to Sesame Street just yet, but you can certainly still dress them up and lead the way! Dress your little one as Elmo and tickle them to hear the cutest baby giggles. And since they’re too young to enjoy the real treasures of trick or treating, dress them up as Cookie Monster, surround them with their favorite sweet treats, and show them off for the entire neighborhood to see! 

    Funny Baby Costumes

    There’s honestly nothing better than having your infant wear a funny baby Halloween costume, especially when they have no idea what they’re wearing! If your tiny human was born right before Halloween, let the world know that your baby just did 9 months on the inside when you put them in a black and white striped prisoner costume. If they’re still so little and you want to keep them warm and cozy, put them in a bunting costume! Our tomato ketchup packet bunting and popcorn bunting are both hilarious, yet oh so adorable. Think they look a little old for their age? Play it up by dressing them as a little Grandpa or little Grandma! Everyone in the neighborhood will get a kick out of it!

    Baby Superhero Costumes

    Want your baby to save the day? Dress him or her as Spider-Man, Batman, or even Batgirl! Think they’ll stir up some trouble with their crazy mood swings? A Harley Quinn costume it is! Need to be a little more formal? A classic Clark Kent outfit with a Superman costume peeking out underneath will be perfect. Everyone will be in awe when they picture your teeny infant attempting to ward off the bad guys