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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Butterfly Costumes

    Blue Butterfly Wings

    Butterfly Halloween Costumes

    Spirit’s selection of colorful Butterfly Halloween Costumes let you spread your wings and flap to your heart’s content. From a toddler monarch butterfly costume to the prettiest kids' butterfly costumes around, your little one can look like part of nature as this famous flying animal. Women can also rock eye-catching blue or purple butterfly wings, whether dressing up as a fairy, to wear to a festival or party or as part of a Halloween costume. A pair of black butterfly wings with glitter give you the perfect shine and go with your favorite dress or other attire for a glamorous look that will make you as stunning as the real thing. The beauty of butterflies transcends time and is an immediate attention getter. Check out our butterfly costumes and wings today to complete your Halloween outfit!