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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Cat Costumes

    Kids Cat Dress Costume
    Kids Faux Fur Cat Dress Costume - The Signature Collection
    Kids Cheshire Cat Costume
    Adult Cat In The Hat Romper - Dr. Seuss
    Baby Cheshire Cat Costume - Alice in Wonderland
    Online Only
    Kids Animal Cat Costume Kit
    Rhinestone Cat Headband
    Kids Faux Fur Black Kitty Paws
    Holographic Cat Costume Kit

    Cat Costumes for Kids

    If you’re little one is an animal lover, they’ll adore our cat costumes for kids! They can meow their way all over town in a beautiful cat dress, or bare their claws in a classic Cheshire Cat costume. Your child can take a page from their favorite book in a Pete the Cat costume. Add some faux fur black kitty paws and you’re all set! From babies and toddlers on up, your favorite little cat will be purr-fectly adorable this Halloween.

    Adult Cat Costumes

    For adults who want to catch some mice or slink around the house, our adult cat costumes are lots of fun. We have everything from a steampunk cat to a holographic cat costume, so you can sport the feline style that best suits your personality. Who could forget the Dr. Seuss classic The Cat in the Hat? You can turn yourself into this popular children’s book character in an adorable official romper that kids and adults alike will adore. We also have cat ears headbands to enhance any cat costume. Slide your way into everyone’s hearts when you dress up as this popular pet!

    These are part of our wide selection of Halloween costumes for the whole family!