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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Clown Costumes

    Kids Vintage Clown Costume - The Signature Collection
    Kids Rainbow Clown Costume
    Online Only
    Kids Dark Ringmaster Costume
    Adult Ringmaster Costume
    Kids Twisted Circus Clown Costume
    Scary Clown Costume Kit
    Kids Zombie Clown Costume
    Kids Killer Clown Wig
    Rainbow Top Hat
    Stripped Clown Horns
    Yellow Afro Wig
    Harlequin Clown Bow Headband
    Clown Boyshorts
    Scary Clown Pillow Case Treat Bag
    Kids Twisted Jester Costume
    Kids Krazed Clown Costume
    Scary Clown Jester Staff
    Kids Dot The Clown Costume
    Adult Twisted Circus Suit

    Clown Costumes

    Whether you want to give the crowd a good laugh or just look cute in a variety of colors, Spirit Halloween has all of the best clown costumes for you to choose from. These clown Halloween costumes are nothing to joke around about. Once accented by the bright red hair and goofy shoes, you’ll be completely ready to juggle all that Halloween night has to offer!

    Funny Clown Costumes

    You’ll definitely be the life of the party when you dress in a hilarious clown costume! Imagine showing up to the party in a colorful, checkered tuxedo and showing off all of your best tricks. We’re sure you have plenty up your sleeve (literally!). For girls, Spirit even carries clown costumes that are dresses instead of your average shirt and trousers for a more feminine appeal. Add a vibrant and exciting wig to any one of our funny clown costumes and you’ll be good to go! With a little bit of clown makeup and a pocket full of balloons, you’ll keep everyone entertained as the life of the party.

    Sexy Clown Costumes

    Try going classic with a twist. Our adult Harlequin costumes are cute with a little bit of sexy. Wear a women’s catsuit costume or a ruffled dress as the base to your women’s clown costume. To accessorize your sexy clown costume, put on a pair of your highest stilettos for a look that will surely turn heads. The festivities definitely won’t begin until you arrive at the party!

    Plus-Size Clown Costumes

    Clowns come in all shapes and sizes, so that’s why Spirit Halloween carries the best plus-size clown costumes for both men and women. For girls, nothing will be more adorable than a plus-size Giggles the Clown costume. Make all of the balloon animals you can and squirt all your friends with trick flowers. Everyone will leave the party with a smile on their face because of you!