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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Firefighter Costumes

    Kids Firefighter Costume
    Kids Tan Firefighter Costume
    Kids Firefighter Costume
    Toddler Light Up Firetruck Piggyback Costume

    Fireman Costumes

    If you always snap to attention when you hear a fire truck going by, you’ll love Spirit’s authentic looking fireman costumes. These firefighter outfits for kids and adults will have everyone deferring to you as a member of the fire squad. Play up the popularity of this classic man in uniform in an Adult Hunky Fireman Costume with a muscle shirt, red suspenders, yellow pants and firefighter’s hat. Yowza! Our signature collection fireman’s costume is a high-quality outfit that has everything your child needs to put out any blaze, from a jacket and pants in bright orange with yellow stripes, plus a toy walkie talkie and fire extinguisher. Little kids can’t get enough of hearing the whir of the siren as firefighters race to save someone from a burning building. They’ll be at their cutest as they dress up like their favorite occupation and get to be heroes for the day, winning smiles and candy as they go trick-or-treating.