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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Food Costumes

    Baby Plush Avocado Costume
    Adult Yellow M&M’S Costume Kit with Suspenders
    Toddler Hot Dog Costume
    Kids Taco Costume
    Adult Red M&M’S Costume Kit
    Adult Yellow M&M’S Costume Kit
    Adult Red M&M'S Inflatable Costume
    Kids Cheeseburger Costume

    Food Halloween Costumes

    If you want to look good enough to eat, try one of Spirit’s Food Halloween Costumes! These easy costumes are instantly recognizable since they’re all about your favorite things to chow down, from a pickle costume to a banana. From an Oktoberfest pint glass costume to a beef taco (yum!), we’ve got all the most delicious food groups and snacks covered. Go for maximum laughs when one of you dresses up as French fries and the other as ketchup! We have several hilarious couples food costumes such as a hot dog and bun or wine and cheese. Kids can get on the foodie fun by dressing up as a pizza slice (or the pizza guy) or an ice cream cone. Check out Spirit Halloween for the most funny Halloween costumes that are sure to make everyone who seems them hungry!