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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Scarecrow Costumes

    Adult Haunting Scarecrow Costume
    Baby Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Costume
    Pumpkin Burlap Hood Mask
    Black Crow Shoulder Prop
    Adult Scary Scarecrow Gloves
    Toddler Scarecrow Costume
    Kids Scarecrow Costume
    Kids Scarecrow Burlap Hat
    Scary Scarecrow Staff
    Scarecrow Mini Hat Fascinator
    Sunflower Scarecrow Choker Necklace
    Kids Creepy Scarecrow Costume

    Scarecrow Halloween Costumes

    You’ll have no problems keeping the crows away when you dress up in one of our scarecrow costumes! You’ll look like you came straight from the fields when you wear a scarecrow costume featuring patched clothing and lots of hay detail! From kids scarecrow costumes sure to scare everyone else in the neighborhood with their realistic design to grownup looks, this is the perfect way to make Halloween frightful. Your child can dress up as this The Wizard of Oz character in an official scarecrow costume from the movie that’s sure to charm everyone they ask for candy. A classic scarecrow costume is a perfect route to take when you’re trying to find a Halloween costume. Scarecrows will never go out of style, and you’ll look so good traveling house to house trick or treating or partying the night away. Though scarecrows aren’t normally scary to humans, you can put the scare in scarecrow and spook the neighborhood when you up the ante and add some scary makeup or a mask to your scarecrow costume.

    Adult Scarecrow Costumes

    You know just based on the fact that “scare” is in the name of this costume that it’s going to be ready to frighten everyone who sees you! One of Spirit’s spookiest adult scarecrow costumes is the haunting scarecrow, who’ll protect much more than crops! With his spooky half mask and tattered sleeve, you’ll be letting everyone know not to mess with you or your property. We also carry scarecrow hats, belts and hooks for the perfect finishing touches. For an easy scary look, our full scarecrow mask is a total scream! You can also go for a friendlier look with one of our fun women’s scarecrow dresses that’s have you ready to party. Perch a black crow prop on your shoulder and you’re all set.

    The options are nearly endless here at Spirit Halloween. If you have a vision of the perfect scarecrow costume, we’re here to bring it to life! These are part of our huge selection of Halloween costumes for the whole family.