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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Witch Costumes

    Adult Warlock Costume
    Witch Costume Kit
    Kids Celestial Witch Costume
    Kids Mystic Witch Costume
    Kids Midnight Sorceress Costume
    Toddler Emerald Witch Costume - The Signature Collection
    Online Only
    Celestial Witch Coven Hat
    Celestial Witch Crystal Wand
    Celestial Witch Broom Deluxe
    Kids Celestial Deluxe Witch Broom
    Kids Twilight Witch Wand
    Kids Twilight Witch Hat
    Kids Twilight Midnight Witch Decal
    Mini Celestial Witch Hat
    Mini Witch Hat Fascinator
    Adult Gothic Witch Costume

    Witch Halloween Costumes

    Witches are a huge part of Halloween, and we think that witch costumes are the best go-to! You can never go wrong with dressing up as a witch. Whether you’re casting spells, creating a tasty brew, or flying through town on your broom, witches are classically scary! Not into the scary type? That’s fine! We’ve got sexy witch costumes, too, so you’ll be able to show off what you’re workin’ with all night long. These make excellent group costumes, whether as mother and daughter or three pals going as the Sanderson sisters, ready to cast spells. Whether you want to work your magic for good or you prefer to be a wicked witch, you can with Spirit’s vast selection. Crafting the perfect potion will be up to you, but you’ll look incredible doing it.

    Adult Witch Costumes

    The allure of witch costumes doesn’t stop when you become an adult! Spirit knows that, so we have plenty of women’s witch looks, from an enticing witch dress to a sexy witch wig to witch makeup. You can go high-end with a theatrical seductive sorceress witch costume with a dramatic purple dress, cape, glovelettes and headpiece, or choose a more affordable witch outfit. From a dramatic black cloak to pointy hats, we’re got everything you need to make this a spell-tastic Halloween. Larger ladies will look totally fetching in our plus size adult bewitching witch costume with fashionable dress, belt and hat.

    Kids Witch Costumes

    Which kids witch costume will you pick? Dressing up in a witch costume for Halloween is a classic move, and here at Spirit, we love keepin’ it classic! Our kids witch costumes are perfect for every little girl (or boy) who is ready to cast some spells! From a toddler witch dress to a black and purple ensemble or a spider sorceress, girls can decide which kind of witchy being they want to be. You can even glam it up as a glitter witch. Whether you want to dress up as a wicked witch, become the glamorous Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz, or take on the town as your favorite Sanderson Sister, we have all the witchy dresses, wigs and accessories, you’ll need to make this Halloween the most witchin’ one yet!

    You’ll look ready to ride a broom and whip up a spell in any of our enchanting witch costumes!