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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Borderlands Costumes

    Adult Psycho Bandit Costume - Borderlands
    Psycho Bandit Half Mask - Borderlands
    Distressed Claptrap Funko Pop Figure - Borderlands
    Tina Half Mask - Borderlands
    Echo Device - Borderlands
    Tina Headpiece - Boderlands
    Lilith Funko Pop Figure - Borderlands

    Borderlands Costumes

    Are you ready to turn your world into Pandora? With our selection of Borderlands Halloween costumes, you’ll be able to bring your favorite on-screen action to life! You’ll always be ready for anything that comes your way when you dress up as your favorite character and load your ammo. Whether you want to become a renegade soldier or a siren, Spirit Halloween is ready to make your Borderland gaming skills come to life on Halloween night. Grab your weapons and gear up for battle because our Borderland costumes are going to blow everyone away!

    Need a new cosplay outfit? These Borderland Halloween costumes will be perfect for your next convention. Start shopping now and you’ll be ready to press start and play.