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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Minecraft Halloween Costumes

    Kids Steve Costume Deluxe - Minecraft
    Kids Armor Shirt Set - Minecraft
    Kids Creeper Full Mask - Minecraft
    Kids Steve Half Mask - Minecraft
    Kids Alex Full Mask - Minecraft
    Kids Creeper Costume Deluxe - Minecraft

    Minecraft Costumes

    Completely customize your Halloween look this year with an awesome Minecraft costume from Spirit. This classic video game has been popular for years, so your Minecraft Halloween costume will always look relevant and cool! With fun pixilation detail, it’ll look like your gamer costume came straight out of the computer itself. A Minecraft Steve costume will have you feeling like the main player at the party, but watch out for those Creepers! Dress up in a Minecraft Creeper costume and make enemies with everyone (but only on Halloween night!). Your young gamer will love putting on one of our Minecraft costumes for kids and getting ready to make their favorite game come to life. Put on a Minecraft armor shirt set to protect yourself from battling mobs. All of Spirit’s Halloween costumes are fun to wear, but these Minecraft costumes are always exciting to play around with and wear even after October is over. Grab a pixelated Minecraft sword and build up your town any time of year!