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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Hotel Transylvania Halloween Costumes

    Kids Mavis Cape - Hotel Transylvania
    Adult Mavis Costume - Hotel Transylvania
    Adult Frankenstein Costume - Hotel Transylvania
    Online Only
    Mavis Cape - Hotel Transylvania
    Mavis Makeup Kit - Hotel Transylvania
    Hotel Transylvania Paperboard Bucket

    Hotel Transylvania Costumes

    When it comes to Spirit Halloween’s collection of Hotel Transylvania costumes, in the oh-so fitting words of Johnny discovering Hotel Transylvania for the first time, “Whoa, check out these awesome costumes!” Whether you’re a true monster like Frankenstein or a simple human like Johnny, Hotel Transylvania is accommodating to (almost) everyone. We know that humans are still a little bit of a stretch, but Transylvania is starting to keep up with the times, so dress up as your favorite character from Hotel Transylvania this October in one of our officially licensed Halloween costumes from movies!

    Our Count Dracula costume is the perfect go-to for any Halloween party and is even better when someone in our adorable Mavis costume is walking by his side! Always have that one friend who doesn’t really like to dress up? Make them the honorary Johnny. All they’d need is to put on a short, spiked wig or style their hair a little differently and wear a yellow and green t-shirt. Bonus points if they go trick-or-treating on a skateboard!