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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Moana Halloween Costumes

    Adult Moana Costume Deluxe - Disney
    Online Only
    Kids Moana Dress Costume - Moana
    Online Only
    Moana Wig - Disney
    Online Only
    Kids Moana Wig - Disney
    Heart of Te Fiti Necklace - Moana
    Moana Face Decal Set - Moana
    Moana Candy Bucket - Disney

    Moana Costumes

    If your little one couldn’t get enough of Moana and Maui’s adventure to return the heart of Te Fiti, then you can make this Halloween the best one yet by dressing your child up in the best Moana Halloween costumes around! Sure, they might not be ready to sail across the ocean on their own yet, but they’ll still love wearing Moana’s signature orange and tan dress, along with matching accessories to help complete their Disney Princess look. And whether they’re dressing up for a costume party or they’re going out trick-or-treating, any of our fun kids' costumes will have them ready for whatever adventure awaits them on Halloween!

    No matter who sees your little voyager princess, everyone will be sure to make way, make waaay! With the ocean and a demi-god as your best friends, who would ever try to mess with the one and only Moana? And if your little Moana has as big of a heart as Moana herself, then you know your child will love dressing up in any of our fun Moana costumes. And the best part is that dressing up isn’t just for Halloween! You could have your little one dress up for a Moana-themed birthday party, or just be ready for any dress-up occasion, when you shop Moana costumes right here at Spirit Halloween!

    They’re part of our wide range of exciting Halloween costumes the whole family will love.