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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Rocky Horror Costumes

    Adult Dr. Frank N. Furter Lab Coat Costume - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Online Only
    Adult Dr. Frank N. Furter Drag Costume - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Online Only

    Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

    Leave everyone waiting in antici…pation when you shop Spirit Halloween’s selection of Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes! This cult classic film has been loved for generations by anyone who can appreciate the beautiful and different things life has to offer, and now you too can pay homage to your favorite musical this Halloween. Whether you want to be the fierce and fabulous Frank N. Furter, the simple Brad or Janet, or even go off the wall in a Megenta or Columbia costume, you’ll find costumes for all of your favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show characters right here at Spirit. No matter which character is your favorite, these awesome Rocky Horror Halloween costumes will have you dancing all the way from Time Warp to Rose Tint My World and back again! 

    So practice your musical numbers and get into character, because Rocky Horror is coming back to life just in time for Halloween and now’s your chance to become the star of the show! And even if you’re still unsure about your Halloween costume, that’s okay too. Not much can beat this popular musical when it comes to costumes, characters, or songs—but that doesn’t mean you can’t consider other Halloween looks, too! If you’re looking for the latest and greatest Halloween costumes of the year, then don’t be afraid to check out our entire selection of Halloween costumes for 2019. From your favorite films to classic Halloween favorites, you’ll find that we’ve got a little bit of everything right here at Spirit!