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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Trick 'r Treat Costumes

    4.3 Ft Sam Animatronic Decoration - Trick 'r Treat
    44 Inch Light-Up EL Wire Sam Inflatable Decoration - Trick 'r Treat
    3.5 Ft Hanging Sam Decorations - Trick 'r Treat
    Adult Sam Costume - Trick 'r Treat
    Kids Sam Costume - Trick 'r Treat
    Sam Mask - Trick 'r Treat
    Sam Lollipop - Trick 'r Treat
    Sam's Burlap Sack Treat Bag - Trick 'r Treat
    19.75 Inch Sam Greeter - Trick 'r Treat
    Sam Fleece Blanket - Trick 'r Treat
    Sam String Lights - Trick 'r Treat
    Sam Christmas Ornament - Trick 'r Treat
    Trick 'r Treat Lanyard
    Trick 'r Treat Decal

    Trick ‘r Treat Costumes

    If you love horror movies just as much as us, we’ve got a treat for you. Our officially licensed Trick ‘r Treat costumes will have you feeling just like your favorite spooky character in no time at all. Dress up just like your favorite mysterious trick-or-treater in one of our Sam costumes for both kids and adults! Trick ‘r Treat will always be a Halloween horror favorite, and with our officially licensed costumes, you’ll be dressed like a Halloween classic! Complete your Trick ‘r Treat theme with accessories and decorations to turn your home into a Halloween haunted house instantly!