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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    M&M's Costumes

    Adult Yellow M&M’S Costume Kit with Suspenders
    Adult Red M&M'S Inflatable Costume
    Adult Blue M&M'S Costume Kit - M&M'S
    Online Only
    Adult Red M&M’S Costume Kit
    Adult Yellow M&M’S Costume Kit

    M&M'S Costumes

    Yum! Everyone loves m&m’s and that’s why you should turn yourself into one by dressing up in an officially licensed M&M'S Halloween costume this year. With an array of colors to choose from, you’ll be able to transform yourself into your favorite M&M'S character and have the sweetest costume in town. Our m&m costumes are perfect for kids, adults, and groups. Want to step up your Halloween costume game entirely? Slip into an inflatable m&m costume and you’ll be sure to blow away your competition.