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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    The Masked Singer Costumes

    DIY Costumes Inspired by The Masked Singer

    If you can’t get enough of guessing who’s being the mask on The Masked Singer, you’ll love dressing up in DIY costumes inspired by the hit show! Spirit Halloween has four costumes that will make you look just like a contestant on the show (whether you sing or not is up to you). Spirit’s DIY The Flower costume lets you shimmy into a shiny green corset and scaled iridescent mermaid skirt along with a green bodysuit, purple and green makeup, a green tutu to wear on your body and a purple tutu to create the petals. Talk about flower power!

    The DIY The Panda Costume is cuddly, furry and fun. Mix a faux fur panda mask and animal paw gloves with an bold ’80s workout costume, goldtone chain, boa and faux fur unicorn gloves.

    Look just like your favorite foxy friend in the DIY Mr. Fox Costume, with its cyborg style that combines history and the future.

    You can also choose to dress up as one of the most colorful creatures in the animal kingdom with the DIY The Flamingo Costume. This extra fun look includes an inflatable flamingo costume and pink tutu, with the option of a white feather boa and neon pink crop top, leggings and leg warmers! Complete your flamingo outfit with pink hairspray and you’ll be ready for your star turn.

    These costumes inspired by The Masked Singer are perfect for Halloween or any costume party where you want to have the most fun and go incognito!