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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    Shopkins Halloween Costumes

    Kids Cupcake Queen Costume - Shopkins

    Shopkins Costumes

    Your little one will look so adorable in any one of our cute Shopkins costumes this Halloween! Dress up as one of the rarer Shopkins in a Lippy Lip costume or maybe even a Cupcake Queen costume. Just like many of our other cute kids costumes, our selection of Shopkins Halloween costumes are bright, colorful, and ready to wear! We know that if your child plays with Shopkins, she doesn’t just like them–she’s obsessed with them! Each quirky Shopkins character features a cute face and fun name, making them uniquely adorable and different from many other toys. Bring these tiny toys to life this Halloween in one of Spirit Halloween’s kids Shopkins costumes.