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    Supergirl Halloween Costumes

    Supergirl Dress Kit - DC Comics
    Kids Supergirl Costume - DC Girls
    Kids Clark Kent Dress - DC Comics
    Online Only
    Kids Supergirl Lace-Up Socks - DC Comics
    Kids Supergirl Dress Costume - DC Comics

    Supergirl Costumes

    What’s that up in the sky?! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s…it’s Supergirl! Supergirl may be a Superman character, but she’s stolen the show all for herself! Sure, she may be from the same planet as Superman (they’re actually cousins), and have the same powers, but her personally and superhero identity reminds you that Supergirl is in fact her own separate identity. You’ll feel as super as ever when you suit up into Supergirl’s signature red and blue suit, featuring her S symbol on the front. You may not have the powers of Supergirl, but you’ll still feel absolutely super when you rock her style for Halloween!

    From adult sizes to kids Supergirl costumes, you’ll find a Supergirl costume for all ages right here at Spirit Halloween. You can don an adult Supergirl costume for the next big con and be ready to save the world at a moment’s notice, or you could match with your kids for Halloween and become a whole superhero family! So practice your heroic stance and get ready to look as super as ever, because you’re only a few clicks away from becoming one of the best superheroes around when you shop Supergirl costumes at Spirit Halloween. And with plenty of awesome women’s Halloween costumes to choose from, you’ll be able to find the costume of your dreams right here at Spirit Halloween!