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  1. So Much Fun It's Scary!?

    The Walking Dead Halloween Costumes

    The Walking Dead Costumes

    Make sure you’re prepared for the apocalypse in an awesome Walking Dead costume from Spirit Halloween! Whether you see yourself as more a fearless leader like Rick Grimes or just a courageous member of the pack like Michonne, we have Walking Dead Halloween costumes along with so many other adult Halloween costumes that will perfectly fit every personality of each member of your group. Go alone in a Rick Grimes costume or partner with a friend in a Michonne Halloween costume, and you guys will totally win “Best Couples Costume.” If going as a zombie is much more your style, then put on a walker Halloween mask for instant deadly style! Zombie masks make for the best, and sometimes easiest, The Walking Dead costumes. Whether you want to dress up as one of the main characters in one of our TV Halloween costumes saving the day or as one of the walkers lurking around for their next meal, Spirit Halloween has all of the best The Walking Dead costumes for you to choose from. When it comes down to it, remember to always kill the dead, fear the living.